Want to Spruce up Your Tired Looking Driveway?

Advice from a Landscaping Contractor on Landscaped Driveways

The best tip when thinking of landscaping your driveway will vary, depending upon budget and style choices, and one of the best places to begin is with a sheet of blank paper. Once a rough sketch is drawn, it will be relatively easy to then visualize how the areas surrounding it will marry in with the rest of the property, and anything such as rock, gravel or shrubbery can be used as a boundary.

One of the most neglected parts of landscaping driveways is the maintenance that is needed in order to keep the area looking good. So it is better for you or your landscaping contractor to choose plants and other such items that will not need too much care and upkeep. Lastly, lighting and their power sources will also need some consideration.

However, the most crucial part will be to predetermine a boundary, and experts will sometimes use a barrier which goes into the ground using stakes. A sheet of plastic will need to be put on the floor in order to kill off any weeds or grass, and the boundary will be placed on top of it in order to secure the plastic. These boundaries should be very flexible, thus allowing for more complex patterns to be created; and once installed, the rest of the plastic is trimmed around the edges. Once all the above is done, the area is then covered over with either gravel or mulch, to create instant curb appeal.

Once the foundation is done, there are several options available. These can range from hedges to flowering plants that will line the center of the area; however, it is crucial to calculate the size of the foliage, to see if it will be suitable for the area. Plants which grow fast are usually a poor choice, due to their constant maintenance. To add a vertical look, consider installing latticework, lighting, or other items which will ensure your driveway is unique.

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