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While green space around a home adds an element of natural beauty to its surroundings, maintaining this space can be a challenge for homeowners. Depending on the size of the yard, lawn care can be as simple as trimming the grass with scissors or as laborious as renting a backhoe to dig a hole for a new tree. For many outdoor projects, the assistance of Dutra Landscape Contractor in Fremont, CA can relieve the homeowner of the duties of lawn care, while providing him time to enjoy his home. For more details, feel free to read more about us.

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Because your job provides enough work for a day, hiring us saves you time and energy. Our landscaping service can perform all our tasks while you are at work, leaving you to enjoy the results once you return. With time on your hands, you can enjoy the important things in life: family, hobbies, pets, or simply relaxation.

Our expert landscapers in Fremont, CA provide a variety of lawn care services. From mowing to edging, tree trimming to leaf blowing, lawn fertilizing to seed planting, landscapers can do whatever is necessary to improve the look of your yard. Particularly, professional landscaping provides benefits in two main areas: time and money.

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Great landscaping service

I was looking for a skilled landscaping contractor in our area and found Dutra Landscape Contractor. They came the next day and the lawn and the bushes were trimmed in a perfect way! I'm very satisfied with their service, thanks.

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We also provide landscape design according to your percise specification. It’s not always easy to have a lush, green lawn. You have to know what types of grass can grow in Fremont, CA and what types don’t work. We have the highest quality of grass. We know what type of fertilizers can help assure you will have a thick, beautiful lawn. We use top-of-the-line equipment that can get the job done in record time. Choose us as your landscaping contractor and get a price quote. Whether you have a large yard, or small yard, we can assure you will have a green lawn in Fremont, CA.

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